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How the Auction Process Works:

1.  Initial Consultation

A phone call or email consultation with a member of our knowledgeable auction staff. The goal of this consultation is to explain our services and determine how we can assist you.

2.  Personal Consultation

 A personal meeting with a member of our knowledgeable auction staff. The goal of this meeting is to answer any of your questions and examine the property to be offered for sale.

3.  Sign the Auction Contract

Complete and sign our Auction Contract. We'll bring a copy with us to the personal consultation.

4.  Auction Preparation

This step includes property preparation, research and photography, advertising, scheduling and staffing.

5.  Auction Day

Auction day is the culmination of many weeks of work behind the scenes.  It brings together the items and the buyers in a dynamic live auction format, with live internet bidding on select auctions.

6.  Auction Settlement

Once the money is collected from the auction and the buyers are satisfied with their purchases, we will mail you a check along with a detailed sales report.

Commission Rates:

Commission rates on large collections, estates and business liquidations are negotiable based on the quantity and quality of the items being offered and the amount of work involved in preparing the items for auction.  We normally charge a flat commission rate, and the seller normally pays for marketing/advertising and auction day staffing, and where applicable shipping and/or moving costs and facility rental.  Please contact us for an initial consultation, so we can go over the various costs and benefits associated with an auction.

Consignment auctions are for sellers who don't have enough merchandise to have their own auction.  We normally charge a flat commission rate for general consignments.  We normally pay the advertising costs and the sellers normally pay the shipping and/or moving costs, where applicable. Please check our Auction Calendar for a list of upcoming consignment auctions.

Commissions are normally deducted from the gross sale proceeds at the end of the auction. Depending on the type of auction, marketing and advertising may be collected upfront.

We strongly believe that the most important factors that determine the success of an auction are the knowledge, reputation and experience of the auctioneer.  We earn our commission by achieving the highest possible selling prices for you!


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