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Accelerated Real Estate Auction Marketing:

No matter how skilled the auctioneer conducting an auction, the ultimate success of the event is determined in large measure by the people who are present to participate.  A well-designed and executed marketing campaign is essential to getting the right type and number of potential buyers to participate in the auction.

Because there is a pre-determined sale date, it is possible to compress a lengthy marketing campaign into just a few short weeks, thereby dramatically increasing the exposure on your property.  Using the channels described below, we can effectively communicate not only the details of the property, but also the sense of urgency required for successful ownership.


Your customized marketing campaign will reflect our research and discussion on what we believe to be the best strategy for marketing your property.  These conclusions help us determine the types of potential buyers we want to surface as well as the appropriate use of marketing channels to attract them.  Your ongoing input is welcome in these discussions.  During this time, we will also be happy to offer suggestions for enhancements to your property that could positively impact potential bidders.

Information Gathering

Following the selection of an auction date, our staff will arrive at your property to document its unique features and specifications.  We will also take digital photographs that will be used in a variety of ways throughout the marketing campaign.  Additionally, we will obtain a preliminary title commitment for your property.

Tracking Activity

All marketing activities will be tracked and reported to you on a weekly basis throughout the entire campaign.  Broken down by the channels described below, this weekly report allows you (and us) to monitor interest levels in your property.  You can see precisely what we have done each week.

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