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Elvis Presley Items at Auction December 8th, 2007:

Click to enlarge the photos below each item description.

1. 1968 Cadillac El Dorado Coupe Owned by Elvis Presley

In late December 1967 Elvis traded in a 1966 Olds Tornado Coupe and  purchased this Cadillac El Dorado in Memphis. He drove it on personal business a little more than a year before it refused to start. At this point a frustrated Elvis pulled out his sidearm and fired a shot into its right front fender. Fortunately the shot was not fatal and Presley, thrilled with the recent birth of his daughter Lisa Marie, gave the Cadillac to Priscilla Presley’s stepfather.  The car features Elvis’s Own “TCB” (Takin’ Care of Business) lightning bolt decals on each door.
Provenance: Elvis Presley, Colonel Beaulieu (Priscilla Presley’s father), Johnny Mac of Adelaide, Australia (via Jimmy Velvet, Hawaii), Hal Wagner (sports memorabilia dealer, Overland Park, KS).

2. Polyester Shirt Worn by Elvis Presley

H Bar C Ranchwear El Dorado Collection powder blue polyester shirt with lavender semi-precious stone snaps, sewn designs on the chest and back and piped crescent pockets.

3. Leather and Suede Shoes Worn by Elvis Presley

Yellow leather and brown suede construction with leather soles.

4. Jumpsuit Worn by Elvis Presley

Handmade black cotton/poly jumpsuit with chrome studs and red velvet trim.

5. Contract Signed by Elvis Presley

Dated March 13, 1958, a signed contract between Elvis Presley and MGM Pictures/Loew's Inc. concerning the loan of a 16mm print of Jailhouse Rock.  Nicely framed.

6. Autographed Elvis Presley Photograph

7. Items from Elvis Presley's 1969 International Hotel Show

Items from the 1969 International Hotel Show in Las Vegas, NV. COA from Greg Howell.

8. Tortoise Shell Guitar Pick

COA from Angie Marchese.

9. Strand of Elvis Presley's Hair

Obtained in December 1973 from the Graceland Mansion by Norene Clark, friend of Martha Dunkle and Harold Loyd.

10. Autographed Elvis Presley Hawaiian Concert Scarf


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