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Real Estate Auction Marketing Channels:


Our customer surveys indicate that signage is among the top ways buyers learn about a real estate auction.  In addition to custom on-property signs and information boxes, we will extensively use directional signs at all major feeder streets and intersections.  Our staff will monitor sign status and replace them as necessary.


Details of the property are included in a professionally designed and produced color brochure. Our layout maximizes photography of the property as well as important features and terms of the sale.  These brochures are distributed at the property as well as at all other preceding auctions.  Sellers often request additional brochures to be printed for personal distribution.

Web Page

Your property is given a dedicated web page, accessible from, which includes pictures, descriptions and additional details for potential bidders.  In addition to being a valuable tool for prospective buyers, it also allows us to track and monitor interest levels in your property.

Email Broadcast

Details of your property with a link to its website will be sent to buyers via email several times throughout the marketing period.  An announcement will be sent at the beginning of the marketing period to notify recipients of a new auction.  Reminders will also be sent prior to any preview events as well as the week before the auction.

Multiple Listing Services

We utilize the Heartland Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to be certain that brokers and agents can easily find your property when they conduct online searches.

Print Media

Newspaper ads remain a key source of information for many potential buyers.  Our marketing campaigns typically involve multiple-week runs in combinations of local newspapers, journals and/or specialty publications.  We design display ads featuring prominent pictures of the property.

Direct Mail

A targeted direct mail campaign allows us to put your property directly in front of the customers we believe are the most interested.  Utilizing in-house lists as well as custom-selected lists from outside vendors, we are able to target specific types of buyers.  Typical campaigns use a custom-designed, color jumbo postcard to effectively communicate the opportunity.

Pre-sale Inspections

Preview events (Open Houses) are an important way for potential bidders to get familiar with your property.  Our staff will set up and conduct preview events in the weeks before the auction date.  Preview attendees are asked to register so that we can continue to communicate with them prior to the auction.

Property Information Package (PIP)

We will prepare a comprehensive “Property Information Package” so that serious prospective bidders can receive even more detailed information about your property including title commitments, disclosures, surveys, etc.  The PIP is available for download on our website as well as at auction registration.

Other Real Estate Agents

It is important to note that we will actively market your property to other real estate agents.  This is another way to increase the overall pool of buyers.  An agent who registers a buyer in advance of the auction is eligible to receive a commission (paid by Schulman & Associates, LLC) on a successful high bid.

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