Saturday, January 14, 2012, 10AM - The Don and Kathy Tvrdik Doll and Toy Collection Auction - Session 4/4: "Premier Dolls". A catalogued live and online auction featuring choice dolls from the collection. Auction to be held at Sunflower Auction Gallery, 1314 Hickory Street, Kansas City, MO 64102. Preview Saturday at 8 AM.

Lot 1. Blue Book of Dolls & Values by Foulke 1st-15th

Lot 2. Four Jumeau Doll Reference Books

Lot 3. Four French Doll Reference Books

Lot 4. The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner by McGonagle

Lot 5. Two Kewpie Doll Reference Books

Lot 6. Simon & Halbig Dolls The Artful Aspect by Foulke

Lot 7. Three Vogue Doll Reference Books

Lot 8. Heubach Character Dolls & Figurines by Richter

Lot 9. Three Effanbee / Patsy Doll Reference Books + Catalogs

Lot 10. Kestner King of Dollmakers by Foulke

Lot 11. A.M. Dolls by Smith (Signed), Kammer & Reinhardt by Coleman

Lot 12. Schoenhut's Dolls, Toys, and Circus by Buser (Double Signed)

Lot 13. Five Modern Collectible Doll Reference Books

Lot 14. Four Modern Collectible Doll Reference Books

Lot 15. Five Reference Books on the British Royal Family

Lot 16. Fourteen Doll Making, Repair, and Restoration Reference Books

Lot 17. Six Fashion Doll Reference Books

Lot 18. Sunbonnet Baby Paper Dolls and Transfer Designs

Lot 19. Ten Teddy Bear Reference Books

Lot 20. Five Rag Doll / Raggedy Ann Reference Books

Lot 21. Ten Doll Marks Reference Books

Lot 22. Five China Head Doll Reference Books

Lot 23. Nine Paper Doll Reference Books

Lot 24. Three Cloth Doll Reference Books

Lot 25. Nine Indian / Kachina Doll Reference Books

Lot 26. Three Black Doll Reference Books

Lot 27. Six Portrait Doll Reference Books by Jacobsen and Waugh

Lot 28. Two Half-Doll Reference Books

Lot 29. Six Shirley Temple Doll Reference Books

Lot 30. Three Celluloid and Wax Doll Reference Books

Lot 31. Eleven Madame Alexander Doll Reference Books and More

Lot 32. Nineteen Books on Doll Houses, Furniture, and Miniatures

Lot 33. Seventeen Books on Doll Costumes and Clothing

Lot 34. Ten Barbie Reference Books and Sixteen Magazines / Catalogs

Lot 35. Ten Toy and Doll Reference Books and More

Lot 36. Large Box of Frasher's and Theriault's Auction Catalogs

Lot 37. Twenty-Two Doll Reference Books

Lot 38. Nineteen Doll Reference Books

Lot 39. Thirteen Doll Reference Books

Lot 40. Twenty Doll Reference Books

Lot 41. Twenty Doll Reference Books

Lot 42. Twenty-Five Doll Reference Books

Lot 43. Eighteen Doll Reference Books

Lot 44. Thirty Plus Doll Reference Books

Lot 45. Large Box of Doll Readers

Lot 46. Large Box of UFDC Convention Programs

Lot 47. Large Box of Doll World and Other Doll Magazines

Lot 48. Flat of Doll Castle News

Lot 49. Flat of UFDC Doll News 1950s and 1960s

Lot 50. Flat of UFDC Doll News 1970s through Winter 1984

Lot 51. Large Box of UFDC Doll News Spring 1985 - Present

Lot 52. Fat Albert, J.J. Dyn-o-mite, and Red Foxx Character Dolls

Lot 53. 1991 Bob Mackie Platinum Barbie Doll

Lot 54. 1998 Bob Mackie Fantasy Goddess of Asia Barbie Doll

Lot 55. GTC West Germany Schildkrot Family Doll Set

Lot 56. Rainbow Brite Spritecycle and Herself the Elf Flower Shower

Lot 57. Seven Mikelman Female Fashion Dolls

Lot 58. Six Mikelman Male Fashion Dolls

Lot 59. Seventeen Mikelman Outfits and One Hat Box

Lot 60. Mego Jordache, ERTL Wrangler, Mattel Kitty O'Neil, Glitter Girls

Lot 61. 1979 Mattel Starr and Tracy Dolls, Starr Outfit

Lot 62. Ideal Tuesday Taylor, Suntan Tuesday, Taylor Jones, and Eric Dolls

Lot 63. Six 1979 Mattel Gorgeous Creatures

Lot 64. Six 1971 Hasbro The World of Love Dolls and Eleven Outfits

Lot 65. 37 Mattel Liddle Kiddles / Hasbro Storykins, 3 Playsets, 2 Books

Lot 66. 1984 Kenner Rose Petal Place: 9 Dolls, 11 Outfits, 3 Accessories

Lot 67. Four Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Dolls

Lot 68. 1981 Kenner Glamour Gals: 37 Dolls, Horse, and Playsets

Lot 69. Four 1987 Turner Entertainment Wizard of Oz Dolls

Lot 70. Four 1974 Mego Wizard of Oz Large Dolls

Lot 71. Five 1974 Mego Wizard of Oz Small Dolls

Lot 72. Four 1994 Ashton Drake Mary Tretter Wizard of Oz Dolls

Lot 73. 1977 Mego Captain & Tennille Dolls: Toni and Daryl Dragon

Lot 74. Mego Dolls Farrah, Diana Ross, Kristy McNichol, Suzanne Sommers

Lot 75. 1977 Mego Laverne & Shirley Dolls and HG Toys Puzzle

Lot 76. 1976 Mego Dolls Growing Hair Cher, Sonny, and Cher

Lot 77. Eighteen 1976 Mego Sonny & Cher Outfits

Lot 78. Doll Cases and Clothes: 1964 Barbie, 1961 Ken, Dodi and Pepper

Lot 79. 1981 Mattel Dazzle City, Blaze Horse, Four Outfits, Eight Dolls

Lot 80. 1980 Mattel The Littles Dolls, House, and Accessories

Lot 81. Four 1966 Topper Toys The Go-Go's Dolls

Lot 82. 1979 Mattel Barbie Remote Control Super Vette

Lot 83. Mattel Osmond Dolls: Marie Modeling, Marie, Donny, and Jimmy

Lot 84. Four Remco Pocketbook Dolls

Lot 85. Three 1972 Amsco Emerald Dolls

Lot 86. 1986 Hasbro Jem: 16 Dolls, 3 Outfits, Stage, and Car

Lot 87. Four 1980s Kenner Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Lot 88. 29 Vintage Kenner Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Lot 89. Ten Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Items

Lot 90. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Bookcase and Doll Bed

Lot 91. Six Madame Alexander Little Women Dolls

Lot 92. 1950s Hard Plastic Wanda The Talking Doll

Lot 93. Madame Alexander 2290 Madame Alexander Doll

Lot 94. 1991 Pleasant Company American Girl Samantha Parkington Doll

Lot 95. Madame Alexander 12230 Dionne Quintuplet Dolls with Carousel

Lot 96. Ideal Hard Plastic Saucy Walker Doll

Lot 97. 1965 Hasbro Little Miss No Name Doll

Lot 98. 1962 Mattel Talking Charmin' Chatty

Lot 99. 1991 Daisy Kingdom Doll in Wardrobe with Outfits

Lot 100. Steiff Limited Edition Doll Peasant Jorg 340/3000

Lot 101. Steiff Limited Edition Doll Peasant Lady 749/3000

Lot 102. Steiff Limited Edition Doll Uncle Sam 218/1000

Lot 103. Deb-u-Doll by Margit Nilsen with Clothing

Lot 104. 1923 Berwick Doll Company Famlee Doll Set

Lot 105. Ideal Toni P-90 Skater Doll with Play Wave Set

Lot 106. Pink Wooden Doll House

Lot 107. Blue Wooden Lighted Doll House Full of Furniture

Lot 108. Three Klumpe Dolls

Lot 109. Four Madame Alexander Dolls Including Cissette

Lot 110. Doll Egg Tea Set, Mini Doll Set, Victorian Picture Blocks

Lot 111. Pair of Golliwogs Including Golden Shred Advertising

Lot 112. Two Dolls: China Head and Papier-Mache

Lot 113. Seven Marionettes Including Hazelle KCMO and Pelham

Lot 114. Three Dolls: German China Head, China Head, and Parian

Lot 115. Flat of Small Oriental Dolls

Lot 116. 1948 Ideal P-90 Hard Plastic Toni Doll

Lot 117. Two Alaskan Reindeer Dolls and Two Alaskan Leather-Face Dolls

Lot 118. Five Dolls: China Half-Doll Lamp and Four Pincushion Dolls

Lot 119. Three Artist Dolls: Molly Brown, John Tobin, and Harry S. Truman

Lot 120. Two Old Black Cloth Dolls and Old Papier-Mache Soldier Doll

Lot 121. Three Reproduction Dolls: SFBJ, Bru, and AM

Lot 122. Four Vogue Ginny / Muffie Dolls and Ginger Raincoat in Box

Lot 123. Pair 1960s Lee-Ed. Bisque Artist Dolls

Lot 124. French Wax Over Papier-Mache Doll with Black Glass Eyes

Lot 125. Eight Kachina Dolls: Navajo, Apache, and Mongwa

Lot 126. Ten Ideal Tammy Family Dolls, Case Full of Tagged Clothing

Lot 127. Five Vogue Ginny Dolls

Lot 128. Three Oriental Dolls: Oyster Shell Bisque and Samurai

Lot 129. Pair Brenda Stewart Navajo Indian Porcelain Portrait Dolls

Lot 130. Four Vogue Dolls Including Jeff and Jill

Lot 131. Reproduction Screaming Jumeau and A.T. Kittenel

Lot 132. Two Poor Pitiful Pearl Dolls: 1957 Glad Toy and Brookglad

Lot 133. Three Ideal Shirley Temple Vinyl Dolls

Lot 134. Four Vintage Ideal Vinyl Dolls: P-19, VW92, 1940 Mitzi, and VT

Lot 135. Nine Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls

Lot 136. Kimport Dolls, Stands, and Literature - Independence, MO

Lot 137. 1935 Gibson Kewpie Sulphide Paperweight

Lot 138. Eleven Annalee Human Dolls Including Hershey's Kiss

Lot 139. Eleven Annalee Christmas Dolls Including Santas, Elves, and Mice

Lot 140. Fourteen Annalee Animal Dolls Including Penguin in Dome

Lot 141. 1960 Mattel Ken Doll in 1962 Case with Five Outfits

Lot 142. Ken #794 Masquerade, #790 Time for Tennis, #8627 Brad Shoes

Lot 143. 1960 Painted-Hair Ken and 1963 Midge with Three Wigs

Lot 144. Barbies: 1966 Twist and Turn, 1972 Walk Lively Miss America

Lot 145. Barbies: 1966 Korea, 1966 Twist and Turn, 1967 Talking

Lot 146. Hand-Carved Chinese Physician's Model and Composition Doll

Lot 147. 1980s Artist Doll Fairy on Bed

Lot 148. Three Baitz Austrian Dolls, Hard Plastic German Doll

Lot 149. Ideal Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Bonny Braids, Fashion Liz

Lot 150. Flat of Barbie Clothes Including Ice Capades Set

Lot 151. Flat of Best, Ideal, and Renwal Plastic Doll Furniture

Lot 152. Flat of Barbie and Ken Clothes and Barbie Wigs

Lot 153. 1963 Barbie Satin Bolero Outfit

Lot 154. Bubble Cut Barbie Marked Midge 1962 Barbie 1962 on Body

Lot 155. 1969 Talking Black Julia Barbie

Lot 156. 1963 Bubble Cut Barbie Marked Midge / Barbie on Body

Lot 157. 1960 Ponytail Barbie #4 in Box

Lot 158. 1964 Miss Barbie

Lot 159. 1963 Fashion Queen Barbie

Lot 160. 1955 Bild Lilli Fashion Doll and Six-Inch Bild Lilli

Lot 161. 1965 Barbie's Color Magic Wig Set

Lot 162. 1960 Barbie #3 Marked Midge & Barbie in Dress and Coat

Lot 163. 1963 Barbie and Flocked Hair Ken in Masquerade Outfits

Lot 164. 1963 Barbie Marked MCMLVIII

Lot 165. Black Composition Scootles and Cameo Scootles in Box

Lot 166. Vintage Poor Pitiful Pearl Doll with Celluloid Face

Lot 167. Two Poor Pitiful Pearl Dolls: 1976 Tristan, Horsman Vinyl

Lot 168. 1970s Barbie, Talking Barbie, Hong Kong Knock-Offs

Lot 169. 1963 Mattel Kipper's Friend Ricky and Two Scooters

Lot 170. Three Barbies, Dog, and Two Skippers

Lot 171. Two Barbies and Two Skippers

Lot 172. Hitty Doll, Book, and Museum Items

Lot 173. Richwood Sandra Sue Doll in Blue Outfit

Lot 174. Richwood Sandra Sue Doll in Red Outfit

Lot 175. Kestner 567 Solid Dome Bisque Doll

Lot 176. Stone Bisque Bonnet Doll Marked 94

Lot 177. Wichita, KS WPA Papier-Mache Doll Couple - Jugo Slavia

Lot 178. Wichita, KS WPA Papier-Mache Doll Couple - Albania

Lot 179. 1981 Yield House Romeo and Juliet Porcelain Dolls

Lot 180. Flat of Dolls Including Kenbeth Bookshop and Celluloid Diorama

Lot 181. 1953 Patti Jene Porcelain Artist Doll Old Woman

Lot 182. Betsy McCall Doll with Pretty Pal Travel Case

Lot 183. Three Artist Dolls: Patti Jene, Lydia, and Daisy Kingdom

Lot 184. Three 1972 Rene Harrison Porcelain Artist Dolls

Lot 185. Eight Doll Heads: Kestner 195, Heubach, AM, French Fashion

Lot 186. Four Dolls: SFBJ, Recknagel, Celluloid Rattle

Lot 187. Rare Two-Faced German Bisque Nodder and All-Bisque Doll

Lot 188. Carved Wood African Couple Made in Africa

Lot 189. Three 1940s Ravca Made in France Dolls with Original Tags

Lot 190. Avis Lee Doll Set: Children at the Beach with Original Picture

Lot 191. Two Avis Lee Dolls: Girl Holding Doll and Character Boy

Lot 192. 1966 Frances Bringloe Carved Wood Mannequin-Type Doll

Lot 193. Early Skookum Doll with Papoose + 1891 Birthday Party Display

Lot 194. Early Skookum Doll with Papoose

Lot 195. Skookum Doll + Beaded Indian Doll Display

Lot 196. Eleven German Porcelain Half-Dolls

Lot 197. Steiff Santa 7635/28, Dog 1506/44, and Peky Dog

Lot 198. Topeka Doll Artist Collaboration Porcelain Santa Doll

Lot 199. Four China Head Dolls: One Pet Name Helen

Lot 200. Lot of Cut Paper Dolls from the 1930s to 1950s

Lot 201. Binder of Cut Paper Dolls from the 1940s and 1950s

Lot 202. Vogue Ginny Trunk Full of Tagged Ginny Clothing

Lot 203. 1950s Vogue Ginny Straight-Leg Walker Bride

Lot 204. 1950s Vogue Ginny Bent-Knee Walker in Snow Outfit

Lot 205. 1950s Vogue Ginny Straight-Leg Walker in Riding Outfit

Lot 206. 1950s Vogue Ginny Straight-Leg Walker Clown

Lot 207. Old Doll Trunks, Clothes, Composition Madame Alexander Quint

Lot 208. Nicole Sayre Artist Doll

Lot 209. Nicole Sayre Artist Doll Trick or Treat

Lot 210. Nicole Sayre Artist Doll Melinda A. Fisher

Lot 211. Nicole Sayre Artist Doll Merci

Lot 212. Seven German and Japanese Whisk Broom Half-Dolls

Lot 213. Six Ethnic Dolls and Two Original Peter Hedgehogs

Lot 214. Four Armand Marseilles Ten-Inch Bisque Dolls

Lot 215. Antique Cloth Monkey, Bantam Monkey, Antique Teddy Bear

Lot 216. Porzellanfabrik Ramstein Germany Bisque Dolls on Teeter-Totter

Lot 217. Pair Early 1900s Stockinette Portrait Dolls - Colonial Couple

Lot 218. 1976 Uncle Sam Porcelain Artist Doll by Ida Mae Staples

Lot 219. Two Composition Dolls: Patsy-Type and Black Character Child

Lot 220. 1930s Cloth Minnie Mouse

Lot 221. Composition Joy Doll in Ivory Dress

Lot 222. Pair Nun Dolls: AM 390 Bisque and Composition

Lot 223. Nine Dolls: Peg Wooden, Dutch Composition, Celluloid

Lot 224. Ten German and Japanese Porcelain Half-Dolls + Bathing Beauties

Lot 225. Six Clay Dolls Commissioned in New Delhi India

Lot 226. Eight German Jointed All-Bisque Dolls

Lot 227. Seventeen Dolls: Bisque, Celluloid, and Composition

Lot 228. Four Leather Dolls and Two Black Cloth Advertising Dolls

Lot 229. Carved Swiss Jointed Wooden Girl Doll in Blue Dress

Lot 230. Carved Swiss Jointed Wooden Boy Doll with Suspenders

Lot 231. Carved Swiss Jointed Wooden Woman Doll in Red Plaid

Lot 232. Norwegian Carved Wooden Hungarian Doll by Hilda S. Ege

Lot 233. 1939 Tennessee Artisan Pioneer Woman Carved Wooden Doll

Lot 234. Norwegian Carved Wood and Cloth Skier Doll

Lot 235. Simon & Halbig 1160 Bisque Doll with Fine Features

Lot 236. Heubach Kopplesdorf 359 Black Bisque Character Baby Doll

Lot 237. Armand Marseilles Solid Dome Bisque Baby

Lot 238. 1963 Bisque Niada Doll Little Rebel by Magge Head Kane

Lot 239. Schoenau & Hoffmeister Bisque Doll with Cloth Body

Lot 240. Schoenau & Hoffmeister 1079 Bisque Doll in Red Dress

Lot 241. Bald Head China Doll in Vintage Clothes

Lot 242. German Bisque Fashion Doll on Keepsake Box

Lot 243. Belgian Peasant Composition and Cloth Doll

Lot 244. All-Composition Kewpie Doll with Painted Features

Lot 245. Fifteen German All-Bisque Dolls

Lot 246. Nine German Bisque and Porcelain Dolls

Lot 247. Fourteen Kewpies and Bisque Kewpie Dog

Lot 248. Lot of Bisque Babies, Jointed Dolls, and Doll Parts

Lot 249. Three Bisque Dolls: Googly, 1978 Louisa Mosser, Bonnet

Lot 250. 1957 Vogue Jan Doll in Yellow Dress

Lot 251. Armand Marseilles 990 Bisque Baby Doll

Lot 252. Recknagel RA 12/0 Bisque Child Doll

Lot 253. Goebel 80 12/0 Bisque Child Doll

Lot 254. All-Bisque Jointed Doll with Painted Features

Lot 255. 1930s German Felt Character Doll with Blue Glass Eyes

Lot 256. Ann Jarvis Wooden Artist Doll

Lot 257. Two Bisque Dolls: Herm Steiner and Kammer & Reinhardt

Lot 258. Stone Bisque Doll with Painted Features

Lot 259. Celluloid Doll with Glass Eyes in Red Dress

Lot 260. Heubach Solid Dome Bisque Boy Doll in Red Outfit

Lot 261. Herm Steiner Socket Head Bisque Doll

Lot 262. Three Peg Wooden Dolls, One from Museum

Lot 263. Four UFDC Bisque Dolls + UFDC Literature

Lot 264. Four Naber Dolls from Alaska

Lot 265. Nine (Occupied) Japan and Black Bisque Dolls

Lot 266. Five Dolls: Two Keer & Hinz, Schoenau & Hoffmeister

Lot 267. Five Alaskan Eskimo Dolls

Lot 268. Frozen Charlie and Winkie Boy Bisque Doll

Lot 269. Madame Alexander Three Little Pigs

Lot 270. Adolf Wislizenus & Co. Bisque Doll

Lot 271. Beautiful Biedermeier Bald Head with Black Crown China Doll

Lot 272. 1972 Kenner Red-Headed Blythe Doll

Lot 273. German Celluloid Shoulderplate Doll

Lot 274. Rare Demacol German Black Bisque Doll

Lot 275. Gebruder Heubach 7644 Solid Dome Bisque Boy Doll

Lot 276. Heubach Kopplesdorf 275 Bisque Child Doll

Lot 277. 1960 Betsy McCall Vinyl Doll

Lot 278. Armand Marseilles Dream Baby Bisque Doll

Lot 279. American Character Hard Plastic Walker Doll

Lot 280. Fourteen Bisque Dolls Including Betty Boop-Type

Lot 281. Three Peg Wooden Dolls Including Cecil Calvert

Lot 282. Pair 19th Century Hindu Religious Puppets from India

Lot 283. Eight Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls

Lot 284. Armand Marseilles 995 Bisque Character Child Doll

Lot 285. K&K Toy Co. Mold 56 German Bisque Shoulderhead Doll

Lot 286. 1915 K&K Toy Co. Mold 58 German Bisque Character Boy Doll

Lot 287. Baby Herzi German Bisque Character Doll

Lot 288. Armand Marseilles 327 Bisque Child Doll

Lot 289. Kammer & Reinhardt 151 Solid Dome Bisque Character Baby

Lot 290. Grace Putnam 1369 Bisque Bye-Lo Baby Doll

Lot 291. 1949 Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Doll

Lot 292. 1920s Wax Over Composition Art Deco Lady Boudoir Doll

Lot 293. Early Wax Head Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 294. F&B Babyette Composition and Cloth Doll in Cradle

Lot 295. Complete Set of Nine 1970s Marie Berger Museum Artist Dolls

Lot 296. Nippon 760 Bisque Character Child Doll

Lot 297. Kestner 257 Bisque Character Baby Doll

Lot 298. Grace Putnam Bisque Bye-Lo Baby Doll

Lot 299. R&B Hard Plastic Littlest Angel Doll

Lot 300. German All-Bisque Doll Circa 1880-1913

Lot 301. 1963 Sherman Smith Jackie O' Artist Doll

Lot 302. Parian Boy with Glass Eyes in Blue Outfit

Lot 303. Early Peg Wooden Doll

Lot 304. SFBJ Unis France 301 Bisque Fashion Doll

Lot 305. German Wooden Doll with Cloth Body

Lot 306. Monumental 39-Inch K*R Simon & Halbig Bisque Doll

Lot 307. Museum Quality 18th Century Knight Marionette Puppet

Lot 308. Milliner's Model Doll with Apollo Knot Hair

Lot 309. Museum Quality Ivory Icon Circa 1800 Saint Nicodemus

Lot 310. Three Mid 20th Century Composition Dolls

Lot 311. Three Composition Dolls: Shirley Temple-Type, Effanbee, Baby

Lot 312. Two Hard Plastic Dolls Including Bride Made in USA

Lot 313. Two All-Wood Schoenhut Dolls: 1913 Baby and Child

Lot 314. Armand Marseilles Floradora Bisque Doll

Lot 315. Pair 1994 Naber Kid Dolls Albert and Alice

Lot 316. 1850s German Wax Over Papier-Mache Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 317. Wax Over Papier-Mache Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 318. 1957 and 1972 Ideal Shirley Temple Dolls

Lot 319. Pair of Parian Lady Dolls Including Miss Liberty

Lot 320. Ideal W16 Hard Plastic Doll, Unmarked Composition Doll

Lot 321. Parian Lady Doll in Red Dress

Lot 322. 1971 Horsman Vinyl Betsy McCall Doll

Lot 323. Early Papier-Mache Doll with Cloth Body

Lot 324. 1903 Viola Hamburger & Co. Bisque Socket Head Doll

Lot 325. Ideal Patty Playpal in Blue Winter Coat

Lot 326. Simon & Halbig 749 Bisque Doll

Lot 327. Ideal Composition Shirley Temple Doll

Lot 328. Schoenau & Hoffmeister SPBH 4000 Bisque Doll

Lot 329. Composition Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Doll

Lot 330. Papier-Mache Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 331. M&S Superior Papier-Mache Fashion Doll

Lot 332. Rare 1929 Armand Marseilles 449 Painted Bisque Character Doll

Lot 333. M&S Superior Papier-Mache Doll

Lot 334. 1940s Composition Bride Jewelry Store Display Doll

Lot 335. 1899 P.H. Schmitz Paris France Bisque Shoulderhead Doll

Lot 336. Kammer & Reinhardt 154 Bisque Shoulderhead Doll

Lot 337. Armand Marseilles German Bisque Shoulderhead Doll

Lot 338. Amuso 100 German Character Toddler Composition Doll

Lot 339. Faith Wick Original Gerald Ford Skier Doll

Lot 340. Wagner & Zetzsche Turned Shoulderhead Solid Dome Bisque Doll

Lot 341. Stone Bisque Doll with Painted Features

Lot 342. Adler Tumble Clown Named Doodle Dear

Lot 343. Large German China Head Doll in Blue Dress

Lot 344. 1982 Limited Edition Rose Petal Doll by Wendy Brent

Lot 345. Schoenau & Hoffmeister SPBH 5500 Bisque Socket Head Doll

Lot 346. Simon & Halbig 1079 Bisque Socket Head Doll

Lot 347. Three-Faced Turning Head Bisque Doll

Lot 348. Ideal Toni P-93 Doll

Lot 349. Ideal G-35 Patti Playpal Doll

Lot 350. 1892 Uncut Sheet of Six Palmer Cox Brownie Dolls

Lot 351. Fashionable Kestner 136 Bisque Socket Head Doll

Lot 352. AW BJ & Co. Mold 101 My Sweetheart Bisque Doll

Lot 353. Pair 1957 Ideal Vinyl Shirley Temple Dolls, One Flirty-Eyed

Lot 354. Handwerck Halbig 119-13 Bisque Doll

Lot 355. August Schoenau AS 210 Bisque Doll

Lot 356. 1983 Kazue Morei Porcelain Artist Doll Ballerina The Crystal Faerie

Lot 357. Adorable Simon & Halbig K*R 384 Bisque Doll

Lot 358. Three Freudlich Composition Military Figures in Original Uniforms

Lot 359. General MacArthur Composition Figure in Original Uniform

Lot 360. Rare Anger / Moehling 1904-8 A-6-M Bisque Socket Head Doll

Lot 361. Stone Bisque Countess of Devonshire Parian Doll

Lot 362. Wax Over Composition Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 363. Beautiful Heinrich Handwerck Simon & Halbig Bisque Doll

Lot 364. Stone Bisque Parian Doll with Unusual Hair Style

Lot 365. Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Cissy Doll in Red Dress

Lot 366. M&S Superior Papier-Mache Doll

Lot 367. German Celluloid Turtle Mark Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 368. Armand Marseilles 370 Turned Shoulderhead Bisque Doll

Lot 369. Alt, Beck & Gottschalk 1123 Turned Shoulderhead Bisque Doll

Lot 370. 1940s Rooted Hair Composition Monica Doll

Lot 371. Fulper S-9 Bisque Socket Head Doll

Lot 372. Wonderful Kestner Turned Shoulderhead Bisque Doll

Lot 373. 1860s Adelina Patti China Head Doll

Lot 374. 1956 Ideal VT-20 Miss Revlon Vinyl Doll

Lot 375. Stunning Jumeau Turned Shoulderhead Bisque Doll

Lot 376. Armand Marseilles 246 Floradora Bisque Doll

Lot 377. Pair Bisque Dolls: 1916 C.M. Bergmann Wallershausen, AM 370

Lot 378. Kley & Hahn Mold 100 Queen Louise Bisque Doll

Lot 379. Stone Bisque Parian Doll with Leather Hands and Feet

Lot 380. Armand Marseilles COD93-P-DEP Bisque Doll

Lot 381. Pair German Celluloid Dolls, One with Glass Eyes

Lot 382. 1961 Porcelain Artist Doll Miami Miss by Fawn Zeller

Lot 383. 1950s Canadian Eskimo Doll with Real Fur and Cloth Face

Lot 384. LHB German Bisque Doll

Lot 385. German Papier-Mache Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 386. Rare 1911 Schoenhut Wood Doll with Sleep Eyes

Lot 387. Composition Boudoir Doll Featured by Pat Smith

Lot 388. Composition Shirley Temple Doll in Original Dress

Lot 389. Martha Chase Painted Oil Cloth Doll Circa 1893

Lot 390. Pair Russian Tea Cosy Stockinette Women Dolls

Lot 391. Pedigree England Black Flirty-Eyed Toddler Doll

Lot 392. Composition Sailor Doll Representing Dan Winslow of the Navy

Lot 393. Danbury Mint Porcelain Prince Charles and Princess Diana Dolls

Lot 394. Pair Russian Tea Cosy Stockinette Women Dolls

Lot 395. Franklin Mint Porcelain Gibson Bride Doll on the Cover

Lot 396. Two 1950s Vinyl Terri Lee Linda Baby Dolls

Lot 397. 1950s Two Tiny Terri Lee Dolls and Jerry Lee Doll

Lot 398. Connie Lynn Doll from the Terri Lee Series

Lot 399. Terri Lee Hard Plastic Doll in Original Box with Record

Lot 400. Terri Lee Hard Plastic Doll in Yellow Dress

Lot 401. Terri Lee Hard Plastic Platinum Blonde Doll

Lot 402. Terri Lee Hard Plastic Doll in Leopard Coat

Lot 403. Terri Lee Hard Plastic Doll in Pink Dress

Lot 404. S&H Hamburger & Co. Santa Mold 1249 Bisque Doll

Lot 405. Pre-1946 Emma Clear Parian Doll with Blue Scarf and Glass Eyes

Lot 406. Motschmann Wax Over Papier-Mache Doll with Bamboo Teeth

Lot 407. 1981 Lenci Pinocchio Doll

Lot 408. Composition Mary Hoyer Doll in Knitted Winter Outfit

Lot 409. K. Masson Lorraine N20 ALC Co. Limoges Bisque Fashion Doll

Lot 410. China Head Doll on Newer Cloth Body

Lot 411. Sasha Doll Made in England

Lot 412. Lenci Cloth Doll

Lot 413. 1950s F&G Bisque French Fashion Doll

Lot 414. Fine Quality Pale Bisque French Fashion Doll Marked S/7

Lot 415. 1969 W. Clarmaid Reproduction Bisque Jumeau Doll

Lot 416. Three Chatty Cathy Dolls in Original Outfits

Lot 417. Two Chatty Cathy Dolls

Lot 418. Unis France 301 French Bisque Doll

Lot 419. 1912-1922 Effanbee Baby Painty Composition Doll with Flirty Eyes

Lot 420. Attractive 1950s French Bisque Fashion Doll

Lot 421. Greiner Type Papier-Mache Doll

Lot 422. 1920s Celluloid Face Alaskan Eskimo Doll

Lot 423. Dick Clark Vinyl Doll with First Place UFDC Ribbon

Lot 424. Wax Over Papier-Mache Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 425. Composition Three-Faced Turning Head Trudy Doll

Lot 426. Handwerck 499 Bisque Shoulderhead Doll

Lot 427. Armand Marseilles Darling Bisque Doll

Lot 428. Pair Papier-Mache Dolls: Victorian Lady and Boudoir-Type

Lot 429. 1952 American Airlines Molleye Goldman Stewardess Doll

Lot 430. Kestner 1915 B.3 Bisque Doll Circa 1900

Lot 431. Pair Unmarked Composition Dolls

Lot 432. French Bisque Fashion Doll

Lot 433. Felt Jester Doll Attributed to Lenci

Lot 434. Vinyl Cameo Miss Peep and Baby Miss Peep

Lot 435. Armand Marseilles 390 Bisque Doll

Lot 436. Armand Marseilles 285 Bisque Queen Louise Doll

Lot 437. Museum Quality Wax Over Composition Doll with Glass Eyes

Lot 438. Attractive Simon & Halbig 550 Bisque Doll

Lot 439. 1950s Effanbee Mary Jane Doll

Lot 440. 1959 Ideal Sandy McCall Vinyl Doll

Lot 441. Four 1960s Whimsy Dolls

Lot 442. Kelly RuBert Porcelain Dolls Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa

Lot 443. Six Ideal Crissy Family Dolls

Lot 444. Six Ideal Crissy Family Dolls

Lot 445. Pair Peddler Dolls Including Peg Wooden with Wheelbarrow

Lot 446. Desirable Rabery & Delphieu French Bisque Doll R4D

Lot 447. Fred McNeil & Francie Meril Porcelain Artist Doll

Lot 448. Three 1960s Vinyl Cameo Kewpie Dolls

Lot 449. Buster Brown and Sister Mary Jane Plastic Advertising Dolls

Lot 450. Reinhardt Made in USA E.R. Bisque Character Child Doll

Lot 451. 1927 Amberg Vanta Baby Composition Baby Doll

Lot 452. 1924 Composition Effanbee Bubbles Doll

Lot 453. Pretty Heubach Kopplesdorf 300 Bisque Character Child Doll

Lot 454. Armand Marseilles 351 Kiddie Joy / Our Pet Bisque Baby Doll

Lot 455. Armand Marseilles 341 My Dream Baby Bisque Doll

Lot 456. Herm Steiner #3 Bisque Baby Doll in High Chair

Lot 457. Three 1950s Hard Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

Lot 458. Ceramic Child Mannequin with Top Knot

Lot 459. Two Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

Lot 460. Three Ethnic Dolls: Limited Edition Gotz and William Tung

Lot 461. Pair of 1930s Jewelry Store Display Automatons

Lot 462. Gay 90s Carved Wooden Doll by Lynda

Lot 463. Five Painted Cloth Dolls Designed and Made by Kathy Tvrdik

Lot 464. Three Dolls Designed and Made by Kathy Tvrdik

Lot 465. Six Painted Cloth Dolls Designed and Made by Kathy Tvrdik

Lot 466. 1992 Signed Fred Laughon Carved Peg Wooden Doll

Lot 467. Mattel Beanie Doll and Uneeda Disney Pollyanna Doll

Lot 468. Pair 1989 Gadco Vinyl Artist Dolls by Rottant Schrott

Lot 469. Three Composition Dolls Including Effanbee Patsy

Lot 470. Paul Winchell's Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Doll

Lot 471. Four Mid-Century Dolls Including Ideal and American Character

Lot 472. 1930s Indonesian Man and Chen Temple Cat Marionettes

Lot 473. 1985 Limited Edition Vinyl Shirley Temple Doll

Lot 474. Three Mid-Century Dolls Including Ideal and Deluxe Reading

Lot 475. Gotz Eskimo Dribble Baby Doll in Wicker Rocker

Lot 476. Lloyd Middleton Gretchen and German Doll with Records

Lot 477. Three 1950s Hard Plastic Dolls

Lot 478. Ace Bandage Composition Store Display Mannequin

Lot 479. Pair 1930s Stockinette-Faced Boudoir Dolls

Lot 480. Three Mid-Century Vinyl Dolls Including Ideal and Horsman

Lot 481. 1960s Ideal MGM National Velvet Vinyl Doll

Lot 482. Seventeen Victorian Style and Other Doll Hats

Lot 483. Arranbee My Angel Vinyl Doll

Lot 484. Three Mary Poppins Dolls Including Horsman and Gund

Lot 485. Playmates Talking Jill Doll with Tape and Booklet

Lot 486. Modern Bisque Automaton with Music Box

Lot 487. Pair Music Boxes Including Bisque Automaton with Bird Cage

Lot 488. Three Elegant Vintage Doll Dresses on Stands

Lot 489. Nine Peggy Nisbet Dolls American Characters

Lot 490. Fifteen Loose Peggy Nisbet Dolls British Characters

Lot 491. Sixteen Boxed Peggy Nisbet Dolls British Characters

Lot 492. Thirteen Classic American Stamp Dolls

Lot 493. Shirley Temple Dress-Up Doll with Twenty-Four Boxed Outfits

Lot 494. 1997 Franklin Mint The Jackie Doll, Trunk, and Five Boxed Outfits

Lot 495. Three Gene Dolls: Red Venus, Iced Coffee, Destiny + Outfit

Lot 496. Two Hobo Dolls Including Baby Barry Emmett Kelly

Lot 497. 1997 Ltd. Ed. Buddy & Marie Artist Doll, Gotz Vinyl Doll

Lot 498. Pair Hard Plastic Dolls Including Rosebud Walker Made in England

Lot 499. File Box Full of Wooden Doll Furniture

Lot 500. Wooden Doll Dresser and Wardrobe

Lot 501. Baby Jesus from Presebres in the Manger Made in Spain

Lot 502. Blue Velvet Doll Fainting Couch

Lot 503. Wicker Doll Buggy with Wooden Wheels

Lot 504. Unique Wire Baby Stroller Circa Late 1800s

Lot 505. Lot of Vintage Doll Clothes, Ceramic Arms and Legs

Lot 506. Symphony Upright Doll Piano

Lot 507. Three Dioramas: General Store, Light-Up Soda Fountain, Bathroom

Lot 508. Eastlake Style Doll Dresser and Bed

Lot 509. 1963 Remco Littlechap Family Dolls, Outfits, and Family Room

Lot 510. Fourteen Doll Purses Including Mesh and Beaded

Lot 511. Thirteen Doll Purses Including Mesh and Beaded

Lot 512. Fifteen Shirley Temple Pins and Other Doll Pins

Lot 513. Showcase Full of 40+ Dolls

Lot 514. Showcase Full of 60+ Dolls

Lot 515. Showcase Full of 50+ Dolls

Lot 516. Lot of Misc. Dolls Including Japanese Fashion Dog

Lot 517. Showcase Full of 30+ Dolls

Lot 518. Showcase Full of 50+ Dolls

Lot 519. Showcase Full of 18 Jointed All-Bisque Japanese Dolls

Lot 520. Showcase Full of 27 Dolls

Lot 521. Showcase Full of 80+ Dolls

Lot 522. Ancient Roman Baked Clay Doll & Ancient Stone Doll Carving

Lot 523. Six Dionne Quint Calendars, Picture, and Scrap Book

Lot 524. Life-Size Indian Chief Store Display Mannequin

Lot 525. Life-Size Buffalo Bill Store Display Mannequin