Saturday, December 10, 2011, 10AM - The Don and Kathy Tvrdik Doll and Toy Collection Auction - Session 3/4: "Premier Toys". A catalogued live and online auction featuring choice toys from the collection. Auction to be held at Sunflower Auction Gallery, 1314 Hickory Street, Kansas City, MO 64102. Preview Saturday at 8 AM.

1. Two Elmer's Price Guide to Toys by Duellman

2. Two Marx Toys Books by Pinsky

3. Three Pedal Car Books

4. Battery Toys The Modern Automata by Moran

5. The Book of Penny Toys by Pressland

6. Two Tomart's Action Figure Books and Three Magazines

7. Two G.I. Joe Encyclopedias and One Collectors Guide

8. Ten Collectible Toy Price Guides

9. Three Toy Reference Books

10. Three Collectible Space Toy Books

11. Two Kid's Meal Collectibles Books

12. Six Collectible Toy Books Including Mego and Trolls

13. The New Book of Buddy L Toys Volume 1 by McCollough

14. Cap Guns, Pez Collectibles, and Breyer Animals Books

15. Four Comic Character Reference Books

16. Four General Toy Reference Books and Nine Magazines

17. Five Toy Cars and Trucks Price Guides

18. Four Toy Reference Books: Majorette, Tyco, and Badger

19. Three Automotive Toy Reference Books

20. Five Die Cast Price Guides

21. Nylint Wide World of Sports TV Truck Set

22. 1975 Schaper Super Toe and 1976 Schaper Super Jock

23. 1976 Mattel Pulsar Life Systems Center and Action Figure

24. 1963 Ideal Dick Tracy Cop Mobile & 1946 Jaymar Puzzle

25. Cox P-40 Warhawk

26. 1982 Ideal Team America Super Stunt Dirt Buggy

27. 1984 Lapin Elvis Presley Tour Van

28. Chein Tin Litho Wind-Up Hercules Ferris Wheel

29. Hubley Cast Iron Hook and Ladder Fire Truck

30. 1873 J.E. Stevens Tammany Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

31. 1965 Gilbert James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5

32. Cox Thimble Drome Prop Rod

33. Japanese Tin Litho Battery-Operated US Army Radio Jeep

34. 1930s Unique Art Tin Litho Wind-Up Baggage Cart

35. 1930s Arcade Cast Iron Fageol Bus

36. 1920s Turner Pressed Steel Ahrens Fox Fire Truck

37. Three Tin Litho Space Toys

38. 1930s German Wind-Up Tin Ship

39. Marx Hootin Hollow Haunted House Bank

40. Ferdinand Strauss Tombo the Alabama Coon Jigger

41. Daishin Japan Battery-Operated Musical Jolly Chimp

42. Smitty Toys Bank of America California Pressed Steel Truck

43. 1932 Metalcraft Pressed Steel Heinz 57 Delivery Truck

44. Kilgore Cast Iron Live Stock Truck

45. Unique Art Tin Litho Wind-Up Capitol Hill Racer

46. 1950s Japanese Tin Litho Battery-Operated Lite-O-Wheel Go Kart

47. 1964 Remco Addams Family Lurch Figure

48. Marx Tin Litho Wind-Up Jumpin Jeep

49. Unique Art Tin Litho Wind-Up Rodeo Joe

50. Marx Scale Model Mayflower World Wide Moving Truck

51. Bandai Japanese Tin Litho Battery-Operated VW Beetle

52. Cragstan Battery Powered Train Set No. 743

53. Aoshin Tin Litho Battery-Operated Smoking Volkswagen

54. Marx Line Mar Toys Tin Litho Red Police Car

55. Japanese Tin-Litho Battery-Operated Police Car No. 5

56. 1962 Alps Japan Battery-Operated Fred Flintstone Drummer

57. US Zone Germany Tin Litho Wind-Up Camel

58. 1938 Marx Tin Litho Wind-Up Disney's Ferdinand the Bull

59. Japanese Celluloid Wind-Up Charlie McCarthy and Hula Dancer

60. Revell Caterpillar Scraper, Saunders Fire Truck, Schuco Mercer

61. 1950 Marx Tin Litho Hi Way Express Truck

62. Remco Flying Dutchman Antique Car

63. AMF Wen-Mac Texaco Fire Chief Truck

64. Modern Toys Japan Tin Litho Roaring Gorilla

65. Sho's Moldo The Toy Foundry Atchison, Kansas

66. Wyandotte Tin Litho Wind-Up Humphrey Mobile

67. 1940s Ranger Steel Tin Litho Wind-Up Pool Players

68. 1955 Saunders Marvelous Mike Tractor Robot

69. 1950s Marx Battery-Operated Robot and Son

70. Dayton Toy Pressed Steel Sonny USA 1120 Artillery Ammo Truck

71. 1950s Buddy L Pressed Steel Texaco Tanker Truck

72. Buddy L Pressed Steel Repair-It Unit Wrecker

73. Structo Pressed Steel Truck with Steam Shovel Crane

74. Nylint Pressed Steel Hi-Way Emergency Wrecker Unit No. 3400

75. Tonka Pressed Steel Car Carrier with Three Plastic Cars

76. Doepke Pressed Steel Woolridge Bottom Dump Truck

77. Marx Lumar Tin Litho Dump Truck

78. Gilbert No. 7-1/2 White Truck Erector Set with Wood Case

79. Mamod Made in England Steam Limousine

80. 1920s Boycraft Pressed Steel Steam Roller

81. 1930s Steelcraft Pressed Steel Graf Zeppelin Airship

82. Ken's 1963 Hotrod Roadster and Barbie's 1962 Austin Healy

83. 20 Painted Lead Soldiers

84. 20 Painted Lead Figures including Britains and Barclays

85. Marx Corny Tricycle, Toytown Dairy Truck, and Disneyland Train

86. Promo Cars: 1989 Chevy Pickup, 1954 Buick, 1958 Ford Wagon

87. 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible and 1949 Dick Tracy Car

88. Five Mechanical Bear Toys Including Blacksmith

89. Marx Sir Stuart Silver Knight

90. Marx Medieval Castle Set

91. Battery-Operated Drinking and Bubble Blowing Monkeys

92. Four Tin Litho Ships Including Wyandotte USS Enterprise

93. Phillips 66 Power Yacht Pier 66 Marina Model

94. Hot Wheels Dual-Lane Speedometer and Criss Cross Crash Set

95. Ten Hot Wheels Real Riders, 1988 Anniv. Set, and Others

96. AMF Scale Model Automobile 1958 Buick Roadmaster 75

97. 1930s Wolverine Tin Litho Wind-Up Merry-Go-Round

98. 1960s Hasbro's Mentor and 1977 Ideal Electroman

99. 1950s Matchbox 55 Cent Round Plastic Display Case

100. ERTL Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Racing Team Race Set

101. GI Joe Hovercraft Killer WHALE Set with Figure

102. 1973 Mattel Big Jim Rescue Rig

103. 1983 Tyco A-Team Action Racing Slot Car Set

104. Yoshino Japan Space Frontier Apollo 15 Rocket

105. Masudaya Battery-Operated Robot YM-3 Talking Figure

106. GI Joe Avenger Pursuit Craft

107. GI Joe Adventure Team Headquarters

108. GI Joe Devil of the Deep Turbo Swamp Craft

109. Ideal Electronic Fighter Jet

110. J. Chein Tin Litho Tinkerbell Spinning Top

111. 1960s Marx Tin Litho Battery-Operated Dino Quarry Fred Flintstone

112. J.J. Armes Action Figure with Accessories

113. 1968 Nomura Japan Tin Litho Battery-Operated Robotank Z

114. 1945 Unique Art L'il Abner The Dogpatch 4 Band

115. 1925 Ferdinand Strauss Ham and Sam The Minstrel Team

116. 1930s Tin Litho Wind-Up Harold Lloyd Funny Face Walker

117. Marx Tin Litho Wind-Up Reversing Road Roller

118. J. Chein Tin Litho Wind-Up Musical Cathedral

119. Cragstan Japan Battery-Operated 2 Gun Sheriff

120. Billiken Japan Tin Litho Wind-Up Godzilla

121. Marx Tin Litho Wind-Up Honeymoon Express

122. Marx Mechanical Tractor with Earth Grader

123. 1883 Book of Knowledge Cast Iron Mechanical Eagle Bank

124. 1940s Marx Tin Litho Wind-Up Popeye Express

125. 1930s Schuco Yes / No Monkey

126. Taiyo Japan Tin Litho Battery-Operated Highway Patrol Car

127. Captain Video and His Video Rangers Supersonic Space Ships

128. Three Japanese Tin Litho Battery-Operated Toys

129. 1975 Kenner The Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Transport

130. Tonka Pressed Steel Carnation Milk Truck

131. Marx Celluloid and Tin Litho Wind-Up Flintstone Tricycle

132. 1964 Remco Beatles Dolls with Instruments

133. 1989 Billiken Tin Litho Wind-Up Joker

134. 1960s Ideal Captain Action Kid Action Figure

135. 1965 Kayro-Vue The Munsters Metal Lunch Box

136. 1967 Captain Scarlett Action Figure

137. 1930s Kenton Cast Iron Overland Circus Band

138. 1930s Lehman Tin Litho Wind-Up Balky Mule with Clown

139. 1950s Marx B.O. Plenty Tin Litho Wind-Up Toy

140. 1960s Modern Toys Japan Tin Litho Lunar Expedition

141. Marx Mystery Space Ship

142. 1972 Ringling Bros. Circus Fold-Out Play Set

143. 1922 Fontaine Fox Toonerville Trolley

144. Gescha German Tin Litho Wind-Up Express Porter

145. 1941 Marx Walt Disney's Tin Litho Wind-Up Dumbo

146. Early German Painted Tin Mechanical Duck on Wheels

147. 1930s Tootsie Toy Buck Rogers Ships

148. 1963 Kamar JFK and Rocking Chair Wind-Up Toy

149. Japanese Tin Litho Battery-Operated Astronaut Face Robot

150. Five Slot Cars: Strombecker and Aurora Thunder Jets

151. 1950s The Z Man Plastic Battery-Operated Car

152. 1974 Aladdin Evel Knievel Metal Lunch Box

153. 1973 Ideal Evel Knievel Scramble Van

154. Gilbert American Flyer Train Set No. 521-T

155. Mattel Fanner 50 Smoking Action Cap Pistol Set

156. Ideal Captain Action Figure with Headquarters Playset

157. Marx Tin Litho Battery-Operated Mr. Mercury Robot

158. 1966 Sears Moon McDare with Accessories

159. 1965 Gilbert Honey West Action Figure

160. 1982 Breyer Model No. 80 Clydesdale Stallion

161. Marx Best of the West Sam Cobra, Capt. Maddox, Jane West

162. Hartland Plastics Geronimo on Horseback

163. Marx Johnny West and Jane West Action Figures

164. Five Lunch Boxes Including Hot Wheels, GI Joe, Marvel

165. Monkees Mobile, Sweater, Hand Puppet, Finger Puppets

166. Composition Head, Tin Body Mechanical Walker Boy Doll

167. Two Mechanical Rocket Banks, Astronauts Space Cards

168. Celluloid Head, Tin Body Mechanical Walker Boy Doll

169. Marx Pretty Maid Tin Litho Toy Oven

170. 1975 Kenner The Bionic Man Action Figure

171. 1974 Kenner The Bionic Woman, Fembot, Projector

172. Marx Tin Litho Super Circus Set

173. 1940s Schuco Varianto Elektro-Tankstellen-Spiel 3010-T

174. Modern Toys Japan Bell Clanger Silver Mountain Express

175. Modern Toys Japan Radicon Tin Radio Controlled Bus

176. Promotional Naugahyde Naga Monster

177. 1962 Mattel Bob Clampett's Beany & Cecil DJ Hand Puppet

178. Seven Trick Trapeze

179. 35 Kellogg's Pep Pins Including Military and Comics

180. Five Breyer Appaloosa Horses

181. Four Breyer Horses

182. Five Breyer Quarter Horses

183. Four Breyer Horses Including #883 1993-94 Scat Cat Pony

184. Three Breyer Horses Including #64 Foundation Stallion

185. Three Breyer Clydesdale Horses

186. Three Breyer Horses Including Jumping Horse

187. Four Best of the West Figures Including Chief Cherokee

188. Three Best of the West Horses

189. Four Best of the West Figures Inc. Daniel Boone, Custer

190. Best of the West Travel Case, Parts, and Accessories

191. Five Best of the West Figures Inc. Johnny, Jimmy, Janie

192. Four Lone Ranger Figures, Horse, and Lunchbox

193. Cast Iron Stove, Singer Sewing Machine, Doll Bottle Boiler

194. Arcade Cast Iron Eagle Stove

195. Arcade Cast Iron Cupboard

196. Arcade Cast Iron Table and Four Chairs

197. 1947 Lionel Construction Set, Wa-Hoo!, Crow Hunt

198. Atco Troll House, Ideal Wishnik Shanty Shack, 1960s Trolls

199. Large Lot of 3D Viewers and Reels

200. Five Pez Dispensers Inc. Creature from the Black Lagoon

201. Nine Wind-Up Toys Including J. Chein

202. Three Battery-Operated Monkeys Including Cragstan

203. Four Hand Puppets: Charlie Chaplain, J. Fred Muggs, Steiff

204. Five 1986 Matchbox Linkits on Cards

205. Six Mechanical Dogs Including Cragstan

206. Nine 1986 Kenner SilverHawks Items

207. Lot of Monsters Including Remco and Aurora

208. 1979 Mego James Bond Moonraker, 1965 Ideal James Bond

209. Rambo: Two Action Figures and Four Guns

210. Four Hasbro Charlie's Angels Action Figures

211. Four Mego Buck Rogers Action Figures and Miscellaneous

212. Six Mego Love Boat Action Figures on Cards

213. Four Indiana Jones Action Figures and Miscellaneous

214. Six Mego Chips Action Figures

215. Battlestar Galactica Figures, Viper, Game, Comics, Books

216. Ranger Steel No. 450 Cross-Country Turnpike with Car

217. Disney's Magic Puppet Theatre with Seven Marionettes

218. Evel Knievel Vehicles, Figures, and Miscellaneous

219. Sears Boxing Game and 1975 Aurora Fighting Karate Game

220. Two Mego Action Jackson Figures, Three Boxed Outfits

221. 1977 Mattel Shogun Warrior Godzilla with Shooting Fist

222. Mattel Shogun Warrior Gaiking

223. 1977 Kenner Star Wars Imperial Attack Base

224. Radio Shack Robie Sr. Computerized Programmable Robot

225. Forty-Eight Record Albums of Vintage Toys/Comics

226. Tomy Japan Remote Control Omnibot with Remote

227. 1978 Mego 2-XL Robot with Eleven Tapes

228. Radio Shack Robie Junior Robot, Tomy Verbot Robot

229. 1988 Matchbox Pee-Wee's Playset, Seven Figures

230. GI Joe Masterpiece Edition Volumes I - IV

231. Matchbox Pee-Wee Hermans, Chairry, Billy Baloney

232. 1950s Ward's Tri-Level Electric Riverside Service Station

233. Five Binders of Cards: Football, Comics, Mad, Pogs, Etc.

234. Six Battery-Operated and Wind-Up Dogs

235. Six Mechanical Bears Including Teddy Drummer

236. Four Battery-Operated Robots in Original Boxes

237. Kenner MASK 10 Vehicles, 25 Action Figures, and Misc.

238. Six Mechanical Monkeys in Original Boxes

239. 1989/90 Kenner Beetlejuice Nine Figures, Four Toys, Doll

240. Six Million Dollar Man: Goldman, Austin, Maskatrons

241. Six Million Dollar Man Mission to Mars, Arms, Board Games

242. Masters of the Universe The Evil Horde Slime Pit

243. Masters of the Universe Battle Bones Carry Case

244. Masters of the Universe Bashasaurus, Laser Bolt, Screech

245. Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain, Fright Zone

246. Masters of the Universe Modulok, Playsets, Toothpaste

247. Masters of the Universe Figures and Weapons on Cards

248. Six Masters of the Universe Vehicles

249. Masters of the Universe 32 Loose Figures, Weapons, Cases

250. Mattel Big Jim Sports Camper, Three Figures, Real-Action Gorilla

251. A-Team Vans, Helicopter, and Miscellaneous

252. Five 1983 Galoob A-Team Figures on Cards

253. Mr. T Action Figures, Bus, Bank

254. Twenty-Five Thundercats Figures

255. Robotech Sixteen Figures and Dana's Hover Cycle

256. 1991 Hasbro James Bond Jr. Twelve Figures, Two Vehicles

257. Creepy Crawlers: 1964 Mattel and 1994 Toymax

258. Seven Loose Action Figures

259. Three 1976 Mego Happy Days Figures, Paper Doll, Puzzle

260. 1981 Tomy Tron, Tron and Flynn on Cards, Book, Cards

261. 1988 Kenner Robocop Robo-Copter in Sealed Box

262. 1989 Kenner Robocop Robo-Jailer in Sealed Box

263. Kenner Robocop Four Vehicles in Sealed Boxes and More

264. Kenner Robocop Twelve Figures on Cards

265. The Great Gretzky, Shindana Dr. J and O.J. Figures

266. 1975 Marx The Archies Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Betty

267. Welcome Back Kotter Six on Cards, Two in Box

268. Set of Four Spanish Munsters on Looney Tunes Cards

269. 1975 Mattel Space 1999 Action Figures on Cards

270. 1966 Mattel Major Matt Mason Set of Four Action Figures

271. 1967 Mattel Captain Lazer, 1968 Callisto, and 1969 Scorpio

272. Mattel Major Matt Mason Four Vehicles

273. 1970 Mego Joe Namath in Box with Shrink-Wrap

274. 1987 Mattel Captain Power Three Sealed Box Toys

275. Mattel Captain Power Seven Figures and Miscellaneous

276. 1983 Galoob Inspector Gadget in Box, Three Loose Figures

277. 1974 Kenner Steve Scout, Bob Scout, Metal Detector

278. Four 1930s German Bisque Gasoline Alley Nodders

279. Terminator 2 Lot: Figures, Vehicles, Playsets, Games

280. Remco Showboat Wizard of Oz, Heidi, Cinderella, Pinocchio

281. Dixie's Diner Playset, Corvette, and Four Accessories

282. Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Nine Figures, Five Vehicles

283. DC Super Powers Hall of Justice, Vehicles, Eleven Figures

284. Five Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes and Masks

285. 1982 Mattel Smurfette's House, 32 Vintage Smurfs in Case

286. 1978 Madison Ltd. Superman Marionette, Candle set

287. Batman Batwings and Batmobile in Boxes

288. Batman Four Vehicles, Five Figures, Stunt Set

289. Toy Biz Batman Batcave, Five Figures, Batmobile

290. Mattel Bravestarr Seven Boxed Toys, Six Loose Toys

291. 1986 Mattel Bravestarr Fort Kerium in Sealed Box

292. 1984 Mattel Princess of Power Crystal Castle, 24 Figures

293. Four Hubley Metal Kits in Boxes

294. Ideal Mini Motorific Sprint Racing 100 Set

295. Gilbert Auto-Rama Figure 8 Speedway Race Set

296. 1979 Mattel Master Caster, Questor Mini-Car Factory

297. Sunray DX Oil Getaway Chase Game Set

298. Disney World Town Square Play Set, Disneyland Playset

299. Schaper Stomper Mobile Force Set, 22 Cars in Case

300. Hot Wheels Sizzlers Speed Brake, Power Pit, Four Cars

301. Matchbox Speedtrack The Hulk! Race and Chase Set

302. Tyco Harley-Davidson Electric Racing Set

303. 1971 Topper Ding-A-Ling Super Return Space Skyway Set

304. Revell Gran Turismo Racing Set in Box

305. Ideal TCR Jam Van Nationals, Grand Circuit, Five Slot Cars

306. Hot Wheels Thundershift 500, Thrill Drivers Corkscrew

307. Aurora Stirling Moss Table Top Racing Set

308. Ideal Motorific Wildcat Racerific Set

309. 50+ White-Knob Wind-Up Walkers in Case

310. 1976 Schwinn Sting-Ray Pea Picker Bicycle with Stik-Shift

311. Fifteen Airplane Model Kits in Boxes

312. Nine Car Model Kits in Boxes

313. 1970s Promo Standard Oil Gas Pump Service Station Display

314. Large Steiff Brown Bear on Wheels with Working Growler

315. Large Box of Toy Parts

316. Five Radio Controlled Cars in Boxes

317. 100 Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Johnny Lightning on Cards

318. 1956 Soap Box Derby Cut-Away Display Car

319. 48 GI Joe Figures with Cards in Display Case

320. 24 GI Joe Figures with Cards, 34 Loose Figures, 2 Cases

321. GI Joe Sky Striker, X-30, and X-19 Ghost Rider

322. GI Joe Search for the Stolen Idol Helicopter

323. GI Joe Spy with Removable Mask, Accessories, and Booklet

324. Vintage GI Joe Blonde Hair German Soldier

325. GI Joe Fantastic Free Fall

326. GI Joe Dangers of the Depths

327. Palitoy Space Ranger

328. GI Joe Ski Patrol

329. 1977 Hasbro Super Joe on Card, Figures, Machine Gun

330. Two Cases of GI Joe Clothing and Accessories

331. GI Joe Deep Sea Diver

332. GI Joe Secret of the Mummy's Tomb

333. GI Joe Secret Mission to Spy Island

334. GI Joe Astronaut in Capsule

335. Irwin Motorcycle, Atomic Man Joe, Flocked Hair Marine

336. GI Joe Jeep with Trailer

337. Marx Big Howitzer Cannon

338. Seven Mego Eagle Force vs. R.I.O.T. Figures on Cards

339. Four 1978 12-Inch Megos: Superman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Jor-El

340. 1976 Mego Starsky, Hutch, Huggy Bear, Chopper and Puzzles

341. 1979 Mego Captain America in Box

342. Five Mego The Waltons Figures

343. Major Marx with Accessories in Cardboard Foot Locker

344. Mego Planet of the Apes Action Stallion, Parts, Puzzle

345. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Dr. Zaius

346. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Soldier Ape

347. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Zira

348. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Carnelius

349. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Peter Burke

350. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Astronaut

351. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Alan Verdon

352. 1967 Mego Planet of the Apes on Card: Galen

353. 1977 Mego Batgirl on Card

354. 1977 Mego Batman on Card

355. 1973 Mego Robin in Box

356. 1976 Mego Isis on Card

357. 1974 Matchbox Fighting Furies Pirate Ship Playset

358. BJ and the Bear Model Kit and Gift Set

359. Mego Batcave Playset, Penguin, Joker, Robin Figures

360. Eight Mego Action Figures and 25 Articles of Clothing

361. Eight Mego Action Figures and 25 Articles of Clothing

362. 1976 Mego Wonder Woman Figure in Box: Steve Trevor

363. 1976 Mego Wonder Woman Figure in Box: Wonder Woman

364. 1976 Mego Wonder Woman Figure in Box: Queen Hippolyte

365. 25 Hot Wheels Redlines

366. 25 Hot Wheels Redlines

367. Ideal Dukes of Hazzard Slot Car Set, Board Game, Puzzle

368. 1981 Mego Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg, Luke, Bo, Daisy

369. 1981 Mego Dukes of Hazzard General Lee, Cooter, Boss Hogg

370. 1940s Composition Howdy Doody Marionette

371. Star Trek Freezicles, Kite, Records, Comics, Maps, Book

372. Six Star Trek Mego Action Figures on Cards

373. 1975 Mego Star Trek Enterprise Play Set, Kirk and Klingon

374. Four ERTL AMT Star Trek Model Kits

375. Remco Star Trek USS Enterprise Space Flight in Box

376. 1974 Star Trek Mego Action Figure on Card: Lt. Uhura

377. 1974 Star Trek Mego Action Figure on Card: Mr. Scott

378. 1974 Star Trek Mego Action Figure on Card: Dr. McCoy

379. 1979 Star Trek Mego Action Figure in Box: Klingon

380. 1979 Star Trek Mego Action Figure in Box: Ilia

381. 1979 Star Trek Mego Action Figure in Box: Decker

382. 1979 Star Trek Mego Action Figure in Box: Arcturian

383. 1979 Star Trek Mego Action Figure in Box: Capt. Kirk

384. 1979 Star Trek Mego Action Figure in Box: Klingon

385. Star Wars Model Kits, Necklaces, and Miscellaneous

386. Star Wars Tie Interceptor, Transport, Vader's Tie Fighter

387. Star Wars Y-Wing and Snow Speeder

388. Star Wars AT-AT and AT-ST

389. Star Wars A-Wing Fighter

390. Star Wars Slave One

391. Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport

392. Star Wars Tie Interceptor

393. Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

394. Star Wars Duel at Death Star Racing Set in Box

395. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spaceship

396. Star Wars Land of the Jawas Action Playset

397. Star Wars R2-D2 Toy Box

398. Star Wars Return of the Jedi Bookcase

399. Star Wars B-Wing Fighter

400. 600+ Star Wars Trading Cards from 1970s/80s in Binder

401. Star Wars Death Star Space Station

402. Star Wars Radar Laser Cannon, Tri-Pod Laser Cannon

403. Star Wars Death Star Compactor, Bespin Freeze Chamber

404. Star Wars Droid Factory

405. Star Wars Patrol Dewback

406. Star Wars Give-A-Show Projector

407. Star Wars Jabba The Hutt Action Playset

408. Star Wars Hoth Ion Cannon Action Playset

409. Star Wars Dagobah Action Playset

410. Star Wars Rancor Monster Figure

411. Star Wars Puzzles, Books, Records, Tapes

412. Star Wars Vaders, Clock, Chewbacca, Yoda, Van, and More

413. Star Wars Cases, Bandolier, Light Saber, Blasters

414. Flat of Loose Small Vintage Star Wars Vehicles

415. Star Wars Power of the Force EV-9D9 and Amamaman

416. Two Star Wars Lunchboxes, One Tin

417. Star Wars Snaggletooth on Card, Rare Blue Snaggletooth

418. Star Wars Death Star Droid with Mail-In Boba Fett

419. Nine Star Wars Bend-Ems on Cards

420. Four Star Wars Droids on Cards

421. Four Star Wars Droids on Cards

422. Star Wars Hammerhead, Death Squad Commander

423. Three Star Wars Power of the Force on Cards

424. Star Wars Power of the Force on Cards Luke and Emperor

425. Five Star Wars Ewoks on Cards

426. Flat of 32 Loose Star Wars Action Figures and Weapons

427. Flat of 32 Loose Star Wars Action Figures and Weapons

428. Four Star Wars Action Figures with Original Cards

429. Star Wars Jawa and Two Yodas

430. Star Wars Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band in Box

431. 1977 Kenner Star Wars Princess Leia Organa in Box

432. Seven Star Wars 12-Inch Action Figures

433. Six Star Wars Ewoks on Cards

434. Eight Star Wars ROTJ Figures on Cards

435. Six Star Wars ESB Figures on Cards

436. Eight Star Wars ROTJ Figures on Cards

437. Star Wars 12-Inch Bounty Hunters: IG-88, Boba Fett