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Short List of Items for Live Auction, March 3rd, 11AM

This is a very short list of some of the better or more recognizable items in the auction.  There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of additional items to be sold in the Hallmark and Precious Moments categories, so please attend the preview.  The Longaberger list is fairly complete.

Longaberger Baskets
1984 Cake
1984 Ferner
1984 Hanging Planters
1984 Spring
1985 Corn
1986 Daisy
1987 Mistletoe
1988 Birthday Basket
1988 Pink Easter
1989 Employee Christmas
1989 Holiday Memory
1989 Holiday Memory
1989 Medium Market
1989 Tour
1990 Bee
1990 Shamrock
1991 Easter
1991 Mother's Day
1992 Easter
1992 Easter
1992 Employee Christmas
1993 Basket of Thanks
1993 Inaugural
1993 Small Easter
1994 Bee
1994 Easter
1994 Hostess Appreciation
1994 Mother's Day
1994 Tour
1995 Bee
1995 Mother's Day
1995 Sweetheart
1996 Hostess Appreciation
1996 Mother's Day
1997 Bee
1997 Easter
1997 HoH
1997 Inaugural
1997 Mother's Day
1997 Small Easter
1998 Hostess Appreciation
1998 Small Easter
1999 HoH
1999 Mother's Day
1999 Renewal
2 Large Picnic
2000 Hostess Appreciation
2000 Mother's Day
2000 Small Easter
2001 Charter Member
2001 Inaugural
2002 Small Easter
25th Anniversary Flag
5 Large Gathering
5" Measuring
5" Measuring
5" Measuring
7" Measuring
AA Candle
AA Votives & Candle Crock
All-American Candle
All-American Cracker
All-Star Trio
Barn Raising
Blue Ribbon Bread
Carry Along
Christmas & Easter Cookie Molds
Collector's Club Ornaments
Doll Cradle
Early Blossoms Flower Pots
Easter Egg Snack Plates
Father's Day Pencil
Gingerbread Cookie Molds
Glass Egg Plates
Heart Peg Board
Heartland Mini Chore
Heartland Purse
Heartland Small Peg
Heartland Small Spoon
Heartland Woven Memories
Holiday Hostess 13" Measuring
Holiday Hostess Tall Key
Holiday Hostess Tray
Holiday Hostess Weekender
Holiday Memory
JW Mini Apple
JW Mini Banker's Waste
JW Mini Bread & Milk
JW Mini Gathering
JW Mini Two-Pie
JW Mini Waste
Large Berry No Handle
Large Gathering
Lily of the Valley
Little Joy
Lots of Luck
Magazine with feet
May Daisy
Medium Berry
Medium Purse
Medium Spoon
Milk Glass Pumpkin
Mini Cradle
Peony Flower Pots
Red Pottery Thank You
Santa's Little Helper
Season's Greetings
Small Berry
Small Gathering
Small Loaf
Small Peg
Small Peg
Small Peg
Small Star Dishes
SOA Acorn
SOA Baker's Bounty
SOA Bittersweet
SOA Cake
SOA Harvest
SOA Maple Leaf
SOA Recipe
SOA Small Vegetable
Sweet Basil
Sweet Basil
Vintage Blossoms Vase
WT Bread
WT Cracker
WT Large Peg
WT Tea
Yuletide Traditions
Yuletide Traditions

Hallmark Ornaments
1977 Twirlabout
1980 Heavenly Sounds
1980, 1981, 1982, 1983 Snoopy & Friends Panorama Ball
1982 Jogging Santa
1983 Santa & Friends Carousel
1985 Frosty Friends
1985 Tin Locomotive
2 1983 Frosty Friends
2 Hallmark Mary's Angels Buttercup
Betsey Clark
Candyville Express
Dozens of Magic Light, Motion & Music
Frosty & Friends
Mary Carousel
Mary's Angels
Miniature Creche
Norman Rockwell Cameos
Reindeer Champs
Rocking Horse #2
Rocking Horse #5
Sew Sew Tiny
Skaters Carousel
Star Trek
Starship Christmas
Wizard of Oz
Hundreds of additional ornaments, many not yet received

Precious Moments
A Very Special Bond
And a Child Shall Lead Them
Baby's First Haircut
Baby's First Picture
Ball Ornaments
Be A Clown Musical
Birthday Train
Blessed are They With a Caring Heart
Bring the Little Ones to Jesus
Brotherly Love
But Love Goes On Forever (NM)
Charity Begins in the Heart
Christmastime is for Sharing
Collecting Life's Most Precious Moment
Faith is the Victory
God Bless Our Home
God Shed His Grace on Thee
Going Home
Growing in Grace
Happiness to the Fore
Have Faith in God
He Graces the Earth With Abundance
His Eye is On the Sparrow
Holy Smokes
Hope is Revealed Through God's Word
I Can't Bear to Let You Go
I Only Have Ice For You
I Picked a Special Mom
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
I'll Never Let You Down
I'll Play My Drum For Him
Its No Yoke When I Say I Love You
Jesus is Born (NM)
Let Not the Sun Go Down Upon Your Wrath
Love Lifted Me
Make Me a Blessing
May Your World Be Trimmed With Joy
Member's Only Pieces
My Heart Is Exposed With Love
My Universe is You
Nobody's Perfect
O Come All Ye Faithful
Onward Christian Soldiers
Our Club is So Delicious
Peace on Earth
Prayer Changes Things
Precious Moments Ornaments, Clowns, Water Domes, Musicals
Precious Moments Plates
Press On
Press On
Rows of Happiness
Something Precious From Above
Summer's Joy
Take Heed When You Stand
The Pearl of Great Price
The Sweetest Treat is Friendship
We Are All Precious in His Sight
We're Going to Miss You
You Are My Favorite Pasttime
You Are My Happiness
You are my In SPA Ration
You are the Queen of My Heart
You Deserve a Halo
Hundreds of additional figurines of all types